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The Paint, Repair and Renovation Rule

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A new law from the Environmental Protection Agency requires all contractors that work on homes built before 1978 to use specific “lead safe practices” and reporting procedures. Called the Paint, Repair and Renovation Rule, the law puts strict requirements on installation of windows and doors.

What does this mean to you, the homeowner? The Rule helps protect you and your children from being exposed to hazardous lead dust exposure. Lead contamination has been known to cause developmental problems in children and reproductive problems in pregnant women. A teaspoon of lead dust can contaminate over 25,000 square feet of air space.

The best defense against harmful lead dust is to be sure you deal with only qualified lead professionals who have been certified by the EPA. Only EPA certified professionals have been properly trained to contain and dispose of hazardous lead on your property. Ask to see their certification before agreeing to any project.

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