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Landscaping Techniques for Your Window Type

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Have you ever wanted an herb garden in your window without upsetting the flow of your exterior design? Maybe you want to complete your home’s look with different plants that complement your architectural details. Your home’s windows can provide lots of inspiration for your landscaping. Learn how to design your yard around your windows for plenty of curb appeal.

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & bow windows are as functional as they are beautiful inside and outside. Thanks to their expanded view, more natural light is welcomed into your space creating a warm interior environment. With their panoramic view, you should choose plants that add visual appeal without overwhelming your yard.

Landscaping Techniques

To avoid blocking your view, use low-growing shrubs, perennials or evergreens below the window for year-round interest. Place taller plants like ornamental grasses or columnar trees on the sides to create a natural frame that enhances the window’s shape. For a charming, classic look you can enjoy inside and out, add window boxes with cascading flowers or trailing plants like petunias or ivy.

Vinyl Bay Window

Garden Windows

Have a green thumb? Nurture plants inside and outside with a garden window over your kitchen sink. Their three-dimensional, outward-projecting design adds a unique element to your home while acting as a mini-greenhouse for your plants and herbs.

Landscaping Techniques

Plant herbs like basil, thyme and mint for a functional and fragrant indoor garden that can be easily accessed for harvesting. On the outside, you can add a trellis to support vertical growth below the window and enhance the garden effect. Climbing plants like jasmine or clematis around the window frame adds a more dramatic look. For a low-maintenance option, you can create a rock garden full of succulents and small alpine plants for a textured backdrop.

Garden window displays plants and herbs in sill.

Picture Windows

Show off your yard with an unobstructed view of the outside. Whether you want to keep things simple or create a focal point, picture windows’ large, fixed panes are designed to wow your guests and make the outdoors a stunning backdrop for your home.

Landscaping Techniques

Clean lines and symmetry are key characteristics of picture windows, so consider using simple, low-profile plants to avoid blocking the view. For increased visual interest, place a dramatic tree or sculpture within the window’s view without overwhelming the scenes. You can also plant trees and shrubs with colorful foliage and blooms that change with each new season.

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Casement & Awning Windows

Due to the unique hinge-opening mechanisms, casement and awning windows perfectly balance natural light and functionality. Since they both open outward into your yard, they have a larger impact on landscaping than other types.

Landscaping Techniques

Avoid placing tall plants directly in front of the window so you can still see outside and allow fresh air inside during fair weather. Hanging baskets from the top (for awning windows) or the side (for casement windows) will not obstruct the window’s opening path. For vibrant, cascading blooms, choose plants like fuchsia or begonias. Use low-growing annuals or perennials along the window’s bottom edge to add color without interfering with functionality.

Vinyl Awning Window

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