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Incorporating Earth Tones into Your Home Design

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Take a look out your window. What colors do you see? Likely, the colors of a neighborhood: grass green, the colors of neighbors’ flowerbeds, tree-bark brown and, of course, the whites and blues of the sky. These are soothing, familiar colors that follow us through our lives. Bringing them into your home with earth-tone furniture and decor is popular in current interior design trends. Learn trendy color palette choices and how you can embrace natural elements around your home with earth tones. 

What are Earth Tones?

Earth tones are, as the name suggests, colors inspired directly by the colors you’ll see in nature. Mother Nature has many colors on her palette, so you may be surprised by the complexity earth tones can offer your home. Dark browns, light taupes and soothing greens are common choices, but other earth tone palettes are:

Why Choose Earth Tones for Your Home?

If you’re wanting to cultivate a soothing, restful space to unwind, nature-inspired colors like earth tones are the perfect way to bring that into being. They’re timeless without being overly formal. Whether you love a muted color palette or don’t mind a few earthy pops of color with mustard yellow or a dark fuchsia, earth tones are versatile, unfussy and grounded. 

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Earth Tone Decor Ideas

Bring Earth Tones to Your Walls or Ceilings

A good first step for incorporating earth tones is to paint those walls! Whether you go with a neutral cream, a darker caramel brown or even add an accent wall in a dark orange or sea green, this is a good way to inform the rest of the choices you’ll make in each room. Want to go the extra mile? Paint your ceiling. This trend adds a surprise element to your room. With earth tones, less is more. We’d recommend a creamy off-white, a mild blue-green or a warm light brown. 

Use Natural Materials 

Add texture and depth to your home without losing out on simplicity with natural materials like jute, wicker or burlap. When using a palette as dedicated to simplicity as earth tones, texture is a good way to add visual interest without overwhelming your space. Woven baskets are a great way to add decor that still feels natural and unobtrusive. Stone, wood or iron are also great choices for tables or decor. 

Keep It Light and Simple

Part of the appeal of using natural colors is their simplicity. To use earth tones to their full effect, keep furniture and decor minimal. Natural light is also a key element in play here. Ensure your windows and doors offer plenty of light into rooms. Use minimal window treatments to keep light unobstructed and use matte finishes on tables and furniture so light doesn’t bounce distractingly off of your decor. 

Earth Tone Interior Design Tips

There’s more to interior design than pure color and texture. Here’s some ideas to keep your inspiration flowing:

Bring the Outdoors One Step Closer with Window World

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